LC Tallinn Reval

Realized charity projects

Thanks to Lions Club Tallinn Reval years of activities, quite some children have received their dream toy or necessary equipment for Christmas, care home resident with no living relative a flower for birthday and birthday celebration. A grandmother, living together with her grandchild, who had lost his parents, received a washing machine, and does not need to wash clothes any more by hand. There any many projects, which go on for ever- and we are always there for those in need. These are small deeds, but bring a powerful feeling into the heart.

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Ongoing charity projects

We have offered our heart and support to assist Taheva Foster and Special Welfare home. We contribute actively into the activities of Toidupank (Food bank), develop communication strategy and distribution channels for Uuskasutuskeskus (Re-use Centre), support Diakooniahaigla and value the well-being of Tallinna Loomaaed (Tallinn Zoo). If you wish to support us, either by joining the club, becoming a sponsor, or offering monetary support into a concrete project, take contact with us. It feels good to do good!

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Lions Club Tallinn Reval

Lions Club Tallinn Reval was founded in 2003 by a team of enterprising women, who in addition to their own families, had ambition to help those in need: families, children, disabled people, the young and the old. The club is registered as a non-profit organisation. All club members are volunteers and are not remunerated for taking part in any of the organisation projects.

The members of the club are constantly dealing with heart-warming charity projects and have been supporting those in need for many years.

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