LC Tallinn Reval

Completed charity projects

Thanks to Lions Club Tallinn Reval, many children have received their dream toy or necessities for Christmas; orphaned children in care have received a flower for their birthday or a real birthday celebration. A grandmother supporting her orphaned grandchild received a washing machine, so now no longer needs to do laundry by hand. These are small acts of kindness that have a lasting impact.

If you too wish to join our fundraising events or offer support in any other way, please contact us.

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Ongoing charity projects

Currently there are two ongoing larger scale projects – Taheva Foster Home and the Elderly of Diaconia Retreat Center. This also includes various lifelong projects that keep us busy every month. If you wish to help us, please join our club, start being a sponsor now or simply help us with a specific project. Contact us for further details.

Feels good to do good!




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Lions Club Tallinn Reval

Lions Club Tallinn Reval was founded in 2003 by a team of enterprising women, who in addition to their own families, had ambition to help those in need: families, children, disabled people, the young and the old. The club is registered as a non-profit organisation. All club members are volunteers and are not remunerated for taking part in any of the organisation projects.

The members of the club are constantly dealing with heart-warming charity projects and have been supporting those in need for many years.

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