Do you wish to give back and you see, that you could help? Then contact us! Something, that may not have as much value to you or some deed, that does not require a lot of effort, can be the most precious gift to someone else.

Thank you to all our sponsors for such great teamwork and invaluable contributions!

Coffee Aadress

Helped to fulfill the dream of teachers from Lilleküla Gymnasium Räägu School, who are working with children from Ukraine, by donating an automatic espresso machine for Christmas.


Thanks to lovely team of Kommipomm all 450 children from Ukraine received a pack of candy as a gift on the Christmas event on 11.01.2023.


Helped with gift bags and printing services in connection with the Christmas event for children from Ukraine on 11.01.2023.

Balmerk Estonia

Took care of the non-alcoholic drinks for 450 people on the Christmas event for children from Ukraine on 11.01.2023.

Kangas ja Nööp

Granted fabric and ribbons for producing gift bags for the Christmas event for children from Ukraine on 11.01.2023.
Kangas ja Nööp supplies Diaconia Retreat Centre with sewing equipment and fabrics to enable their patients to practice handwork.

Novot Agentuur

NOVOT helps LC Tallinn Reval Lions Club to be visible in the digital world through the web homepage and managing their Facebook account.


The Estonian Drama Theater supported our club with a charity show “Lehman Brothers”. Part of the ticket revenue was donated to the Estonian Cancer Society for the renewal of the mobile men’s office and for the carry out of vital information work.


With the help of SmartSwap several children’s beds and mattresses have reached large families.


Thanks to Telia, Taheva Foster Home children have desks, chairs, cupboards, coat-hooks, mirrors, computers etc.

MTÜ Uuskasutus

The non-profit organisation Uuskasutus donated tableware to Tallinn Deaconess Hospital, so that all birthdays can be celebrated with grace.


Luna Group Estonia has supported with furniture, electronics and safety equipment (safety footwear for kitchen workers, large quantity of work gloves etc.). Their support has reached both Toidupank and Taheva SA.

Tikupoiss OÜ

Tikupoiss Resto donates 10 cents from every sold Tikupoiss water bottle to Taheva Foster Home children for purchasing new toys.


The business gift expert contributed to the procurement and packaging of goodwill chocolates. The aim is to help the Estonian Cancer Society in cooperation and be grateful to all the donors.

Maaküte OÜ

Maaküte donated 1000 euros for Taheva Foster Home for the budget of purchasing inva-elevators and invited their partners to do the same.

Sunorek AS

Sunorek’s team produced and installed 16 window blinders to Taheva Foster Home.

BauEst OÜ

BauEst is sponsoring Diaconia Retreat Centre‘s monthly birthday partiefor their patients.

Go Hotel Shnelli

Go Hotel Shnelli gave 90 blankets to Taheva Foster Home children.

Strand Hotell

With the help of Strand, Taheva Foster Home children have 20 comfortable beds.

Luna Group

Luna Group gave wireless headphones to Diaconia Retreat Centre.

Cargobus OÜ

The great team of Cargobus takes care of all parcels reach those in need.

Advokaadibüroo Eipre & Partnerid

Eipere & Partnerid Law Firm offered legal assistance and support to Elina and Madis, who lost their mother to cancer. With their help the children were not sent to an orphanage.

Compudel OÜ

Compudel equipped Taheva SA management  with computers.


Cristella is offering frozen bakeries to Taheva Foster Home children on weekly bases.

Lillemaagia OÜ

Lillemaagia is giving flowers to all Diaconia Retreat Centre patients who has a birthday.

Hestia Hotel Group

Hestia Hotel Group helped Taheva Foster Home with the furniture.

Trendwood OÜ

Trendwood provided timber necessary for the construction of Taheva bus station.

MEZ Crafts Estonia OÜ

Has provided sewing accessories needed for sewing special clothing for Diaconal Hospital patients.


Wendre produced mattresses, pillows and blankets for 20 children in Taheva Foster Home.

Rahva Raamat

Rahva Raamat gave great books to the children of Taheva Retreat Centre.


Kendra helped with professional kitchen equipment for Taheva Foster Home.


Sohvameister helped make the living environment of a small patient of Taheva Foster Home safer.