Christmas spirit to children from Ukraine

We organized a Christmas event in Estonian national style to children from Ukraine studying in Lilleküla Gymnasium Räägu School. Event was held in cooperation with Lions Clubs Estonia I region clubs on 11.01.2023 with the aim to introduce our Christmas traditions and bring joy into children days. Enjoyable event took place in Estonian Open Air Museum. Almost 400 children and their teachers participated. Read more

Coffee machine to Räägu School

On 16.12.2022 we assisted the dream of teachers from Lilleküla Gymnasium Räägu School to come true. We located a representative from Coffee Address Estonia, who donated an automatic espresso machine to the school, so that teachers working with children from Ukraine could enjoy quality tasty coffee during breaks. Picture features president of LC Tallinn Reval Maire Novik, Coffee Address CEO Ermo Rae and director of Räägu School Natalja Mjalitsina. We thank sponsor for charity and wish beautiful Christmas time!

Donation box in the airport

On 15.06.2022 we handed over 250€ to Estonian Food Bank. Funds were gathered through donation box in Tallinn Airport. Food Bank needs support every week to be able to provide food supplies to 7000 Ukrainians and 14 000 Estonian people. Managing director of Food Bank Piret thanked us sincerely, as every euro counts. LC Tallinn Reval Club is always welcome to join bi-annual Food Bank donation collection campaigns in supermarkets in spring and during Christmas.

Charity show "Lehman Brothers"

On March 25, at 7 PM, a charity performance “Lehman Brothers” will take place at the Estonian Drama Theater led by Tallinn Reval Lions Club. Part of the ticket revenue will be donated to the Estonian Cancer Society for the renewal of the mobile men's office. You can read more about Lehman Brothers' performance on the Estonian Drama Theater website. You can buy a ticket to the Cancer Society's charity play from Piletimaailm. Enjoy the theater - Support the Cancer Society! Read more

World Kindness Day

On November 13th is World Kindness Day, under which The Lions Club, in partnership with the Oral School and the Red Cross, donated a gift bag dedicated to oral hygiene to every child who went to first grade in 2021, nearly 15 000 girls and boys. It included a toothbrush and toothpaste, an Oral School and Lions´ movement infographic, a Red Cross patch, and a lion head-shaped reflector.

The Children's Center "Lighthouse" Christmas party

The Children's Center "Lighthouse" Christmas party took place on the 22nd of December. The children's center has about 25 children, aged 7-15. They are offered study assistance, warm home-cooked food thanks to the help of the Food Bank, solutions are found for their worries, and leisure activities are organized - visits to a trampoline center or a cinema and a week of camping in the summers. What made this year's Christmas party special was that each child was able to send their gift request to Santa Claus, and we made sure that everything was fulfilled. The long-awaited headphones, boots, easels, and legos got new caring owners. In addition, took place the annual Christmas concert, where everyone could show their skills. The presentations included a couple of poems and a play.

Village of hope

The Estonian Association of Architects (EAA) announced an idea competition for urban installations on the green revolution, from which three winning works were selected from 28 received designs. On Freedom Square, 5000 wooden logs were placed as part of Mark Grimitliht's installation "A Thought Break". The author wanted people to think about the course of trees in Estonia, their superficial attitude towards trees, and the possible outlook for the future. In cooperation with the Village of hope, LC Tallinn Reval helped find a new use for the 3000 trees on Freedom Square. Within the framework of joint work, the offers arrived in the Village of hope for furnace heating to provide warmth to the residents there in winter.

Vivacolor's cheerful tones to the Deaconess Hospital

AS EELC Tallinn Deaconess Hospital is a hospital belonging to the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, founded in 1999, as a joint project with foreign partners of EELC, which to this day is the only hospital in the Baltics that belongs to a church. The Deaconess Hospital offers independent inpatient nursing care, - hospice care, - home nursing, and boarding services. At the end of autumn, the Deaconess hospital and AS Tikkurila found each other through a practical desire to add cheerful tones to the hospital rooms. The support took 43 liters of paint. The colorful rooms delight both residents and staff.

Deaconess Hospital support

In the last few years, the world has become more closed, and the staff of the Deaconess Hospital has been working without a break. There are no joint gatherings and meetings outside work. At the beginning of winter, the employees of the hospital and the benefactors of LC Tallinn Reval met in a cozy atmosphere. Deaconry staff thanks Lions Club members for their patience and good deeds. The club organizes a monthly birthday party with the help of sponsors, where they offer cake and people can spend a good time together. It's good to do good!

The story of little Joosep

The summer of 2021 brought us together with a small family having a big domestic concern. We met an 11-year-old, Joosep and his beloved grandfather, who was living in poor living conditions. Joosep is a good boy who, in addition to going to school, takes care of his grandfather with limited mobility, daily. Read more

Support for families with many children

Many families have had a difficult start to the year, and having three or more children in a family is not easy. Luna Group Estonia AS supported 140 families with many children in a crisis by giving them high-quality L.Brador's windproof and rainproof jackets and warm hats. Estonian Association of Families with Children welcomed us and is looking for kind donors and sponsors who care and can help. In the photo LC Tallinn Reval president Leela Lilleorg and CEO of Luna Group Estonia AS Indrek Raudsaar. Heartfelt thanks to the benefactors!

Tikupoiss charity day

LC Tallinn Reval Club and restaurant Tikupoiss hosted Taheva Sanatorium substitute home kids, who spent a happy day jumping on a trampoline, watching bees, and watering plants. The children could take chicken eggs from the warm nest with their own hands and later eat pancakes made out of them by the cooks.

Children’s Centre “Lighthouse”

Children’s Centre “Lighthouse” operates on a daily basis as a child centre for less privileged children in Tallinn, above all offering the support required for children’s development: a safe environment for spending time, clothing and food aid, and most importantly aid in studies. If you wish to contribute to children’s development and their safe environment, the centre really anticipates single beds with mattresses, bed linen, computers for doing homework, and also well-kept indoor and outdoor clothing. Read more

Recovery of furniture and fittings

We’re very grateful to Nordic Hotel Forum – the items left over from the renovation of hotel rooms found themselves new homes thanks to the hotel’s donation and green mindset. As we mapped the people in need, we discovered that the need for furniture and fittings is considerably bigger than we managed to cover with the help of Nordic Hotel Forum. This is why we’ll continue looking for other options. Read more

Reclaim center

We are dedicated to promote the Reclaim Centre to find re-users all over Estonia, who are in need of well-kept and little-used items of everyday life. Such approach would be introduced to day care centers, nursing homes, shelters or disadvantaged families. You are very welcome to join us, lending your hand and sparing your time to sort the items or find other ways to help - just let us now. Together is better! Read more


LC Tallinn Reval members share the values of Toidupank (Food Bank). We care about big families, who experience shortage of daily food. We make plans in cooperation with Toidupank management, which would make supply chain smoother and facilitate Estonian enterprises to make cooperation decisions easier. If needed, we help to sort food deliveries, share food to those in need, and motivate volunteers and companies to cooperate with Toidupank. Read more

Children in Taheva Foster Home

Taheva Foster Home asked us help with acquiring home amenities for their 20 children in summer 2018. They lacked of everything. Despite the fact our club is 250km from Taheva, it touched our hearts, so we decided to do what was in our power to help. With the help of our sponsors and good friends, we ticked off the list of essentials rather quickly. Cooperation with Taheva Foster Home went smoothly ... Read more

Tallinn Zoo

We helped The FTZ (The Friends of Tallinn Zoo) in the project of „Tiigriorg“. The purpose was to collect money through charitable concert to improve living conditions of tiger Pootsman. Before Christmas we had an event in Zoo where we made together with our children Christmas presents for animals of Tallinn Zoo. Small mice had fun in cardboard houses and bigger animals enjoyed selfmade toys thanks to us. Read more

Cooperation with other clubs

LC Tallinn Reval values all sponsors, cooperation partners and other great clubs! We have been lucky to meet very active and kindhearted people who have been more or less every day connected with charity. We believe that this kind of cooperational network between other clubs and benefactors creates an opportunity for all of us to do more good. Read more

Tikupoiss Resto

Tikupoiss Resto and Paiaristi Alexela are great places for short stop for the meal or coffee on the way to Tartu or Viljandi. Directors of the both companies wholeheartedly believe in open hearts of the LC Tallinn Reval club members, so every little bit of charity will count. 10 cents of every bottle of the water purchased from the Tikupoiss Resto or Paiaristi Alexela will go directly to Taheva Foster Home Children's Toy Fund . Read more


In 2019, Taner and Hillar - Managers of Maaküte - contributed to the purchase of Taheva SA's inva-elevators and made a large donation to the Foster Home account. Also, they encouraged friends and business partners to follow the suit by giving them a chocolate as a gift, with message of the charity and conveniently banking details, so those people kindly could take part of the donation. Dear entrepreneurs, you are welcome to take part of this journey and your contribution would be highly appreciated - every act of charity and giving will count! Read more

Diaconia Retreat Centre gracious oldsters

Diaconia Retreat Centre is dedicated to seniors with incurable diseases whose life journey is reaching its end and to the elderly whose mental or physical state prevents them living on their own. Diaconia Retreat Centre is home for elderly who often miss out on everyday communication, attention and kindness of others. With the help of our sponsors Lions Club is organizing ... Read more

Maarjamäe Foster Home

Our first charity project dates back to 2001, when our first club members, then as part of LC Rävala Club got fond of 7-year old twins from newly founded Maarjamäe Foster Home. Now the twins are living independently and it was also a great pleasure advising them and helping them with the interior of their first home. The mission of LC Tallinn Reval Club was to show the children of Maarjamäe ... Read more

Elina and Madis who have lost their mom to cancer

Supporting Elina (18) and Madis (14), who lost their mother due to cancer, has become one of the largest long-term funds. Lions Club helped along with organizing state subsidized apartment, legal support and taking care of their everyday needs. It was all done in order to save them from going to the orphanage. The project last until ... Read more