Charity show in support of the Cancer Society “Lehman Brothers”

On March 25, at 7 PM, a charity performance “Lehman Brothers” will take place at the Estonian Drama Theater led by Tallinn Reval Lions Club. Part of the ticket revenue will be donated to the Estonian Cancer Society for the renewal of the mobile men’s office.

Low participation in screening is one of the reasons why malignancies are detected too late. In 2021, on the initiative of the Estonian Cancer Society, diagnostic cabinets were put on wheels around Estonia.

Mobile offices help people living in small towns and rural areas all over Estonia to diagnose changes in cells as early as possible before complaints occur.

You can read more about Lehman Brothers’ performance on the Estonian Drama Theater website.

You can buy a ticket to the Cancer Society’s charity play from Piletimaailm.

If you have already seen the show, but still want to help us with the Cancer Society, you can kindly use an account created for this purpose:
LC Tallinn Reval Club MTÜ EE437700771007328807 (AS LHV Pank)

More information:

Enjoy theater – Support the Cancer Society!