We can make this as a good example of how people’s values ​​change over time and with help of those people who could donate, a little can make big things to happen. From little steps big things grow!

In 2019, Taner and Hillar – Managers of Maaküte – contributed to the purchase of Taheva SA’s inva-elevators and made a large donation to the Foster Home account. Also, they encouraged friends and business partners to follow the suit by giving them a chocolate as a gift,  with message of the charity and conveniently banking details, so those people kindly could take part of the donation.  Dear entrepreneurs, you are welcome to take part of this journey and your contribution would be highly appreciated – every act of charity and giving will count!

In case you are willing to contribute to charity please feel free to let us know. We will surely find who needs help and what project is suitable for you!