Recovery of furniture and fittings

We’re very grateful to Nordic Hotel Forum – the items left over from the renovation of hotel rooms (armchairs, curtains, plaids, lamps, beds, mattresses, sanitary equipment, bathroom furniture and room doors) found themselves new homes thanks to the hotel’s donation and green mindset.

We would also like to thank the representatives of AS Merko Ehitus Eesti, who helped coordinate the delivery of the items at the hotel. Their helpfulness and logical approach to problem-solving saved us from chaos on many occasions.

The donated items reached 40 families in Ida-Virumaa and Läänemaa via the representatives of the Estonian Association of Large Families. Seven underprivileged families in Tallinn also managed to improve the conditions in their homes with the donated items.
The Village of Hope used the armchairs to make the hallways of their building cozier and installed the shower room fixtures received from the hotel in the extension built in the village. We also managed to help our own projects – the Taheva Nursing Home and the Diaconal Hospital – with the donated items.

As we mapped the people in need, we discovered that the need for furniture and fittings is considerably bigger than we managed to cover with the help of Nordic Hotel Forum. This is why we’ll continue looking for other options.

What do people need the most?
They need beds, mattresses, chairs, tables and wardrobes. They would also be grateful for bedlinen, curtains, plaids, armchairs, kettles, lamps, fridges, sanitary equipment, tableware.