The story of little Joosep

The summer of 2021 brought us together with a small family having a big domestic concern. We met an 11-year-old, Joosep and his beloved grandfather, who was living in poor living conditions. Joosep is a good boy who, in addition to going to school, takes care of his grandfather with limited mobility, daily.

When he visited the family, it immediately became clear that the home needed major repairs. We grabbed the bull by the horns, put in place an action plan, and started looking for partners for the construction. The home needed a complete floor replacement and several living elements. On the positive side, the family already had proper washing facilities, a bed, and a washing machine.

Before starting the construction work, we sent Joosep and his grandfather to the Beach Ranch. For a week, the family enjoyed a sunny holiday away from the city. Ande, the hostess of the ranch, made warm home-cooked food, and Joosep was able to have fun to the fullest, eat ice cream, and feed all the great farm animals. Thank you, Ande for a memorable week.

While Joosep and his grandfather were enjoying the summer holidays, the work had started at their home. The flooring installers took over for the first four days. The planning, execution, and financing of the construction were done by Mitt & Perlebach OÜ and Hepsor OÜ.
The flooring was replaced, we started washing and painting the walls. Both our friends and Telia helped us procure furniture and furnishings. Finally, we got all the necessary furnishings, from the sofa to the tableware.

On the last day, all the puzzle pieces started to come together, it was still necessary to set up a large Aatrium wall cabinet. We are grateful to Aatrium, who sent us an assistant to put together the last piece of the picture.
Everything was ready by the evening. Lastly, we put flowers and warm food on the table before the family arrived.

LC Tallinn Reval is pleased to have had the opportunity to create a slightly brighter future for an 11-year-old boy and offer peace to his grandfather. We believe that together we can make our society healthier and better.

We wish Joosep and his grandfather all the best!