Children’s Centre “Lighthouse”

Children’s Centre “Lighthouse” operates on a daily basis as a child centre for less privileged children in Tallinn, above all offering the support required for children’s development: a safe environment for spending time, clothing and food aid, and most importantly aid in studies. The children’s centre employs kind and helpful teachers who aid students in their homework and in general knowledge while making sure that children trust the environment surrounding them. Offering entertainment in order to make kids happy is just as important, whether it be traditional Christmas parties or a summer camp, but also joint cinema visits and pizza for dinner.

Our club pays daily consideration to the children’s centre by helping insofar as required and possible. The needs of the families of the children’s centre vary quite a lot; some need aid for daily and regular necessities while some need to furnish their homes better. This year, our club was proud to support the purchase of beds and mattresses for kids in eight families.

If you wish to contribute to children’s development and their safe environment, the centre really anticipates single beds with mattresses, bed linen, computers for doing homework, and also well-kept indoor and outdoor clothing. Please contact us – we know how to get involved. Together, we can bring more joy to the little ones when they most need it.